The future of Glyphs :)


Absolutely. Here it is (takes some time to download tho)
UPD: - loads much faster
I’m on High Sierra. Didn’t have lagging issue on Sierra too.


@elena that actually looks like heavy lagging. Smooth scrolling is what happens when you scroll around this very thread or e.g.

Glyphs lags heavily on my MBP 13.3 Mid 2017 and a i5-2500 with a GeForce GTX 970, only when I’m looking at a single word or so in the edit view or a font with just a couple of glyphs will it run more or less smoothly.


To get some had numbers, could you please install this plugin. It will display a frames per second number in edit view (after it is activated in the view menu):


Uh. It reported FPS and then the FPS display vanished, even after toggling it multiple times?

Try opening and pasting a long text into the edit view (set editor width to 20000 or so). Also note the laggy scrolling in the glyph overview.


What do you mean by long text. It is OK till 1 kB for me. But I would suggest to use less then 300 characters. You can add your own texts into the cmd+opt+F dialog. That way you can switch between them very quickly.
And the edit view uses a different renderer than Indesign it web browsers, so you need to test there anyway. I usually set up my longer test documents there and export frequently.


Basically anything that fills a 2560x1440 screen and lets you scroll a lot, like 300 words. Having a lot of text can be much more time efficient, since you don’t have to carefully curate or swap texts. It’s something Glyphs should support because it’s something people just do, plus it makes the app look less sluggish.


Exactly the same here. This is new bug that was introduced a few versions back. Georg please fix it.


Can you disable all plugins? And if that doesn’t help, what version was the last to be fast?


1029 I think, I tried cleaning up the plugins (by moving all away form glyphs folder). The only other thing I have got is RMX and Mekka Git Repo Sync.
I have nothing new installed on the comp and just been updating the versions.

What do you think might be causing this?


Can you send me that .glyphs file (make sure to save it with the text).


I’m puzzled why you don’t seem to see the sluggishness of the app, Georg. Is scrolling in e.g. the glyphs overview as smooth as scrolling in this thread for you?


Scrolling in font view is not as smooth as in Safari. But not in a way that hinders productivity. Improving this is on the list but requires an extensive rewrite. But I’m more concerned about productivity features right now.

The 1-2 sec delay is a serious problem but points to a problem with the machine/macOS setup because a lot users get good refresh rates. I would like to have a look at your machine (via screen sharing) to see whats causing this.


This is crazy obvious but I didn’t read it here. More Axis for Variable fonts than 3 please!


Six are supported.


Hooray! Might there be more? How many do you recon is enough & why?


Reporters is not native, it’s just a plugin.


Thanks, Ludwig.

It was not the reporter. But this prompted me to see if any external plugin is causing the lagging.

Although, I tried this before it turned out that installing one or both of the following plugins will cause Glyphs to lag -


I tend to use ShowCrosshair everyday and I hope it gets fixed, but I am more happy that Glyphs is back to normal.

In addition to that SuperTool by Simon Cozen is causing Glyphs to crash upon trying to exit the program. This was not related to lagging, but still a bummer.

After more extensive testing/work I can say that the lagging issue still persist, but has diminished greatly with the removal of the aforementioned plugins. Currently, I am not sure what is causing it. But a more stable version of text preview will be greatly appreciated.


F.U the thread

I agree with @kosbarts … this has been an obstacle which many work around trying all sorts of solutions to free the component from a defined SB; (I had in many cases to mix between regular paths and components… a matter which @mekkablue hates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
I believe in context with this thread, that the Future Versions of GlyphsApp should bear intrinsic differentiation between a defined glyph and a Composing Path which is like a separate Symbol accessible by a Library window, such as Adobe CC Apps where a user can drag a Symbol (path) and position it independently inside any glyph; So it is not affected by a side-bearing of a source Glyph.
Imagine a right-click command like the current “Component from Selection” which Creates a new Symbol from a selected path and put it into a Library. The difference between a Symbol and Component is that the first cannot be defined as a glyph! while a component is actually an Exported or Non-Exported glyph (Anyhow a glyph may contain a combination of Components with Composing Paths/Symbols). Editing a Nested Symbol in a certain Glyph is by double click, which makes a sort of “Temporary Isolation/floating path” until editing is confirmed.
One more issue that should be discussed whether “Symbols” are controlled with Anchors or not!!


Please report these things in the Issues section of the GitHub repository. I cannot keep track of bugreports here.


I still can’t see any lagging, really. It scrolls smoothly like any other text in any other application.