The last Hangul glyph I typed disappears

Whenever I type strings of Hangul in the edit view and move a cursor in text tool(T), the last glyph disappears.
It reappears when I type another glyph.

Version 2.6.1(1204), but this has been a while.

Can you make a screen recoding? I can’t reproduce it?

Here it is.

So it seems that the input is not finished. You can see it from the black line underneath. I’ll have a look.

The same thing occurs in typing Japanese Kana or Kanji. I have a new version of Glyphs but this has been a while, too. I guess some letters that are considered to be unfinished have this disappearing problem. I have to type an extra space or enter to fix this.

You need to press any key to make the input stick (use the arrow key to move the cursor). I’ll have a look.

This is the issue I reported to you @GeorgSeifert
Could you have a look please?

I fixed it.

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