The variable font only works in horizontal interpolations

I’m working on a variable font, my goal is to get longer strokes but I noticed that they only work on horizontal stroke not in vertical. Does anybody have an idea why is this happening?

Thank you very much.

It should be this way

It might be cut of. Add a “winDescent” == 1000 custom parameter to all masters.

Thanks for the help @GeorgSeifert it is still nor working on variable, but the otf worked well

Can you send me the file? I tried and it should be possible to have variation below the baseline.

Of course, thanks!!

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Hi @mekkablue yes I am

I’ve noticed that it just works on some letters, is there any possibility that letters with curves have the mistake?

More funny things are happening, vertical interpolations work on diacritics.

Can you test in a (recent) web browser as well, please? Or send us the .glyphs file?

Indesign is very buggy with variable fonts. Try moving the outline on the long “A” a few units. Illustrator skips all interpolation if only a few nodes are effected.

Hi, thanks for answering it really helped me, on a website it worked really well, I went to

Do you think this is a n Adobe bug?

The variable font support in Adobe apps can only be called experimental at this point…

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