"There are problems with the 'Alingmentzones' in font masters"

Hi there,

I am having problems with the latest build (1349 under 10.10.5): It doesn’t generate my CFF fonts because “There are problems with the ‘Alingmentzones’ in font masters” BUT all interpolating masters have the same number of zones. I checked several times and I can’t find the problem.

If I generate the fonts with an older version (2.6.1) there is no problem at all.

I am sending you my file by email so you can inspect it.


Can you send me the file?

I already did this morning.

I see different numbers of zones in the file.

Please read my original message: the masters with different numbers of zones don’t have instances between them. Actually, having different numbers of zones was a solution you suggested here >> How to deal with redundant, overlapping blue zones?

I saw the problem and changed the check that caused this problem.
You can add another (unused) zone above the everything else in the other masters …

Cool. Thanks Georg.