There is an error when I activate 3 axes in the variable font system

I am currently creating a variable font with 6 masters and 3 axes. When I tested it in Adobe or on the web with only 2 axes active, it works fine. However, when I activate all 3 axes, there is an error where the font becomes larger.

using glyphs 3.2 version
Please… help me…:sob:

Can you check your master setup? You need to have a master on each axis extreme for each other axis extreme, or, in mathematical terms, a master at each coordinate of the Cartesian tuple of your axis extremes. This equates to 2^n masters required for n axes.

So, for three axes, you need 8 masters. Can you check this?

It is set up like this. Does that mean that there must be masters for all possible cases?

Thank you for the quick response!:star_struck:

Can you show the coordinates for all masters.

When I had the same issue the cause was an intermediate layer in the affected glyph having a coordinate outside the axis range.

You probably need to add another two masters for the locations [1905, 0, 1958] and [0, 540, 1958].

What @SCarewe said. But could you send me the file, I like to experiment with it a bit.

What would be the path for sending the file?

Send it to support at this domain. or in a direct message in the forum.