There was a problem converting to CFF and Invalid character entry

I am facing the problem of invalid character entry. And it seems on the Thin weight.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Thank you! I just find out the reason. As the result of using the custom naming, the production name doesn’t match the name of presentation form. That my naming mistake.

Can you still send me the file that produced the error? I like to see if I can add a better error message.

Chacter entry.glyphs (883.5 KB)
Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with other issues about this font. This is the Glyphs file with the naming issue. The mistake is on kaf-ar.isol. Its production name is uni FED9 (There is an extra space)

Glyph names cannot contain spaces. I think there is some misunderstanding if your client requests that the production names are formatted like that.

Yeah, I realized that. I have fixed the mistake and explained it to my client.
Their requirements regarding the naming led to lots of meaningless work.