There was a problem with undo in G2 and G3

I got the “There was a problem with undo” message, but - I have installed the v3 trial and also a v2 on my mac - after reading the connected topics, started to uninstall plugins /in both versions/ and the problem still comes up in both versions.

Can you reproduce the problem? Then it would be great if you could describe it or send me a screencast that I can fix it.

I get that message regularly too

It’s a bit hard, because happened randomly, but frequently, but I’ll try.

It is probably not the last thing you did. And are you using plugins or scripts? Can you try without plugins by opening the app while holding down the Option and Shift key.
And can you try the latest cutting edge version?

Yes it’s probably not. I just shut all the plugins down (both in G2 G3), and always update to the latest version. So I’m experimenting with using them without the plugins, and later turning them on one by one (separately).

Finally I could do a screen recording. I observed, that this problem is somehow connected with the situation when I choose multiple handlebars, and start to move them with shift pressed, than it occurs. I hope that helps. undo (3.9 MB)

@GeorgSeifert That is still an existing problem. :confused: I can reproduce. Screen Recording 2021-08-04 at (2.5 MB)

I tried it exactly as you showed in the video and it never broke for me. Have you tried without plugins?

Yes, I have a screen recording, for that too.

Hint: you can upload the video to Dropbox unzipped so it’s more accessible.

@mekkablue You’re right Erich, I could.

Could you open, the file? Did your feedback gave any constructive detail to the original problem?

I’m sorry but I’m frustrated by answers like that, since I can’t use the product satiscfactorily since months, and since that I hadn’t get useful help from you, but your answer sounds a bit sarcastic.

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I’m trying hard to help. But as long as I can’t reproduce it myself, I can’t fix it.

I can relate to that, thank you.
Please tell me, what further information you need from my side to help you.

That was certainly not my intention, I’m sorry if it came across like that.

Still it is true that I do not always have the means to access zipped files. That’s why I’m suggesting this to all people who send me zipped files. It will be delayed at least until I am back at my Mac. And Dropbox has a cool movie display feature btw but it won’t work when the file is zipped.

@mekkablue Sorry for my approach. Thanks for your time describing the situation.