There's too much inconsistency between apps for OT capital Eszett to be used

…with a small caps font (forgot to put in the title).

I know about the debate surrounding capital Eszett and although I don’t speak German, advocates’ arguments sound more reasonable, so I added OT code (as outlines in the blog) for automatic substitution. But after tests I’m coming to a conclusion that unless developers remove the legacy behavior of substituting lowercase /ß for SS (for both uppercase and small caps), OT “hacks” will be too inconsistent:




uni: Pasted unicode glyph
calt: Contextual alternate (Blog method) Change case -> UPPERCASE
caps: All Caps (“TT” button)

P.S. In this instance, #smcp is higher in the OT features list than #calt.

The /S/S substitution has orthographic reasons. The only problem you should care about in opentype code is the lowercase /germandbls between caps (or after two caps).

/ should look like two / and / like a SC version of /Germandbls.

With those changes it looks like this in TextEdit:

calt > smcp

smcp > calt

Ok, I finally got it right by making calt > smcp (c2sc) and putting this line into #c2sc:

sub germandbls.calt by;

But it doesn’t work with Adobe so I’ll stick with previous variant, where /germandbls.calt gets substituted for /


Could you please explain better this concept?

I explained it here: