Thoughts on saving TTF to OTF to avoid validation errors?

Hello. I’ve been trying to figure out a solution to a MacOSX validation error I get on a couple of OTF fonts I’ve created. They pretty detailed and export fine out of Glyphs, but I think due to the amount of nodes they’re not passing validation in FontBook.

Anyways, I did a quick test by exporting to TTF and then opening that in Glyphs and then exporting to OTF. This test passed validation. I don’t have any OTF features like ligatures or other special uses built in that would be affected. Any thoughts on doing this? Any drawbacks? The file sizes reduce dramatically doing from 2-3 mb down to a more manageable kb.

But before I go ahead and start sharing these fonts, wanted to hear any potential thoughts from the community here. Thanks in advance!

Did you compare outlines?

The problem is a high number of small curves. Replace those with line segments if possible if you are using CFF, because otherwise a renderer or printer can choke on them. TTF is a workaround by itself. Any particular reason you have to use CFF?

If you let me see what your design looks like, I could suggest another option.

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Attached the glyphs here. And no, I guess there is no particular reason to go CFF. So that maybe is a solution in itself.

The only issue I’ve noticed is it starts to mess with my naming when I load the font, but that’s not a huge deal. Basically it doesn’t translate the info cleanly.

Thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot this with me!

Did you export the CFF with autohinting? Don’t do that. FontBook accepts the font without hints. And they are not useful in cases like yours.

I did not. Based on earlier forum posts, I saw that could be causing the issue, but even with that, it was not passing validation.

Works fine for me. What system do you have. I tested it on 10.11.

Thanks for continuing to problem solve this with me.

I’ve been told it isn’t validating in 10.8 and 10.9.

Since I don’t need the type to be CFF I’ll probably just avoid the issue by providing TTF for now. But I am still wondering the best way to solve this for future instances.