Three masters not working correctly with RMX Scaler

I’m having trouble with RMX Scaler not altering the heaviest master in a font with three masters. This is a new problem and I’m not sure if it happened with an update to Glyphs or the last update to RMX. Otherwise the RMX plugins work normally. Has anyone else had this problem?

I see it too, but it’s not a new thing. RMX Scaler has not been good at handling odd number of masters so far, and the solution is to temporarily make two-master files, run the Scaler, and merge the results.

Hoping that Tim is seeing this, I repost the bugs which I mentioned in the bug report thread:

  1. Double RSBs. After running Scaler and making alternates, it leaves rather strange right sidebearings in the original glyph. The bounding box looks the same, but info box has much larger value. Depending on what you do, the value that Scaler put does get used, and the quickest way to remove it is to move around nodes and undo.

  2. Defunct after the first run. When you run Scaler on multiple glyphs and re-run it, it doesn’t work anymore, and you have to restart Glyphs. It doesn’t seem to be the case wham you do it to a single glyph.

I had it working for months after Tim first added support for three masters. So in my case this is new.

We all have this problem.
Here is my workaround for 3 masters - 1. Light, 2. Regular, 3. Bold:

  1. Run RMX for the first two masters (Lt & Rg)
  2. Change the master order in Font Info. On position 1. put Bold and on position 3. Light
  3. Run RMX on the first master only
  4. Rearrange masters back to right order.

I’m seeing this. Furthermore, it seems like the scaling of the second master is not accurate.
Using ermin’s workaround but giving each master its turn in the #1 slot is what I’m doing now.

thanks! works fine for me.