Tilting glyphs when user type letters

I’d like to make a opentype font. This is an explanation.

When user type ‘Glyphs with Scripting’, every first letter in words are default style. And the second letter is little tilted or slanted. Also next glyphs slanted more and more. Finally space or hyphen is written, the setting is all clear and restart in next word.

I’ve searched lots of docs but there’s not enough explanation about recognizing typing.
I thought that if user type ‘glyphs’, I can use the index system in python like g is 0, l is 1, s is 5.
So I can make the opentype font understand that index list and make a code ‘0 is first style, 1 is second style.’

How can I make this font?

Did you read this tutorial? It could give you a hint how to cycle through letters, since OT feature code has nothing like indexes, you could create a ling list of lines that define the cases for several length of words.

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Thanks a lot! You are an angel!!

however, I have one more question…
I’ve made my glyphs slanted, but it works only in Glyphs…
Is there any possible tools or other things?

I’d like to use in adobe illustrator, indesign and web.

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

How did you slant your glyphs?