To pan with space bar

To pan on the screen or using space Button on the keyboard while using the mouse makes the elements on the screen disappear temporarily until we stop manual scrolling…!!! ? this must never happen otherwise we lose our placement on the screen track.

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you post a screencast?

Space (and the Hand-Tool) is not only for panning but also for previewing. So, elements do not disappear, but are drawn with an anti-aliased preview. You do need at least paths or components to see anything though.

Dear Mekkablue, I meant simply when I draw something then I want to move it on the screen, I always and only after I select all the object then select again a dot (point) of this object that I am only able to move it around where I want!! that is very annoying, I need the ability to wherever (anywhere) I click once on the object I created with the pen tool, I must be able to move it anywhere.

I hope you got my point on this matterblue (482.3 KB)

To edit glyphs/fonts it is not commonly used to modify the outlines like this. It would actually get into your way quite a bit e.g. if you zoomed in and like to drag select something but because that area is enclosed by another path, you would move it. If you double click near a path segment, it will select the whole path.