Toggle background layer separate to master layer preview

Didn’t it used to be like this at one point? I find it much more useful to be able to toggle the background and the masters (via layers panel) separately

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain in more detail?

Let’s say I have drawn 3 master, Light, Regular, Bold

I am currently looking at the Regular master and there are also outlines in the background layer for reference. I have “Show background enabled”.

Now I want to hide the background in the glyph edit view. And then I want to enable the preview for the Light and Bold masters in the glyph edit view.

This is currently not possible. I can only view the background layer along with viewing Light and Bold at the same time. If I disable background, the Light and Bold preview is also disabled.

Fixed it.


So how can one hide a background when editing? I’ve the same question asked by onewieoranother. It was ‘fixed’ but maybe that’s no longer the case?

ViewShow Background (⇧⌘B) should still work.

OMG - it’s always the simple stuff that’s such a mystery! Thanks