Toggle between layers with Keyboard

I am missing this functionality. It is not efficient to click on every layer to preview different glyph design with the mouse. There might be a shortcut for this, but I am not aware of it. Let me know if this is the case.

Master layers can be accessed with Cmd-1, 2, 3,…

For associated, non-master layers, you will have to use the mouse or trackpad. Not sure it makes sense to add a menu command or shortcut for that, because what would you do if there are 50 layer copies?

Perhaps for what you want to do glyph copies may make more sense. You can step through them with fn-left/right, then.

Hmm, never thought of that. However, I do like the simplicity of having layers instead of copies - that would mean when I am developing an /a that I would have 50 /a glyphs instead of just one /a with 50 layers. Imagine the mess after I am done with the font [smile].

Right now I am wondering when I have accessed the Layers panel, why CURSOR DOWN and CURSOR UP are disabled? I would find those most useful.

The keyboard focus for the layer panel is disabled. Otherwise you would need to click in the edit view every time you have kicked a layer.

Ah, yes. That is true and now I understand it won’t work.

Then maybe I can access the previous and successive layer with a script? Would that be viable? I know I can select the masters, but can I select instances?