Toggle between Preview Panel & Glyphs

Is there a shortcut for toggling between these two?

I am also curious whether there is a shortcut to active the built-in preview as well.

Either of these will be good.

Just to be clear I want to toggle and not activate(which can be done thru Services). Activating loses your selection and you have to reselect.

There is a system shortcut for toggling between windows. See System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

The standard is Cmd+`. Should it work?

I had something else set to this binding in Glyphs, before posting in the forums I checked to see if it will work and it didn’t register (however I didn’t restart Glyphs, maybe it needs a restart to apply the changes).

It should not require a restart. You have to type the name of the menu entry exactly as it appears in the pulldown menu.

I will try later to restart the app to see if I can get the basic app windows switching functionality working.

What exactly do you mean by toggling between the two windows?

Activate - the result from clicking Preview from the menu, or adding a shortcut from Services
Toggle - just changing windows inside an app

As for my second question I understand there is not shortcut for switching on and off the built in preview (the one with the eye icon).