Too small letters (like subscript)

Hello everyone! I have a problem with overall font β€” all lowercase letters I have in my font (there are no uppercase letters) are too small comparing to letters of other fonts of same size. And the space is the normal size β€” huge. It works like all my lowercase letter are subscripted. I am desperate, please, help :wink:

This has to do how big you draw your glyphs in relation the the UPM and vertical metrics.
This might help:

I guess you have drawn letters too small and haven’t changed the width of space, no? If that’s the case, try to scale the drawings so that the sum of ascender and descender becomes around 1000 units. I usually put l and p in the same glyph, select all outlines, and check the height of selection. Then you can calculate how much scaling you need to apply to the whole file.

Thank you Georg, that’s cool article :wink:

Tosche, thanks for your advise too. Ascender is 800, Descender is -250, x-height is 495. Really close to default settings :wink:

And the height of letter β€˜a’ for example is 570 See the pic with 1000 units per Em.

Do you have any custom parameters?

How are you testing the font? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

You can send us the .glyphs file to support at this domain, and we will have a look.

Thank you all!

Georg Seifer, only close to default settings.

mekkablue, I export .otf and activate it using Fontcase application, then test in Illustrator, Sketch and Pages :wink:

I’ll try to remake everything from the scratch and if nothing work β€” will send the .glyphs file. Thanks again.

This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

Not font cache ;( Sent the file to support at glyphsapp. Thank you for you help.

I check the file and it was fine for me.