Tool for changing contrast?

Is there a tool for changing the contrast in a multi master file? With RMX Tools you can change weight, but changing contrast would change the weight in one direction only. i.e. horizontal or vertical.

You could do it in three steps by combining horizontal scale with RMX. For instance, if you wanted to make the horizontals thinner relative to the verticals, first do a horizontal scale to make the glyphs narrower, next, use RMX to decrease the weight, finally, reverse the horizontal scale. There’s probably a way to calculate the scaling amounts in relation to the weight adjustment to get predictable results, but I thought it through that far.

Actually, I’m not even totally sure how well it would work. The weight adjustment would affect both axes, just not by the same amount. It doesn’t seem like you could completely limit the effect to one axis with this trick.

Filter > InterpolationWeightY does a little of that, if I’m correct.

You can do that much easier. Make the outline taller with RMX (increase height). then scale it back with transform filter.


No. that is something else. It might look like it but will give different results, especially for diagonals.

Are there any new third party filters/tools that can assist in weight contrast change?
Please post feedback concerning RMX if you’re satisfied with results.

@Avantino I am a year late, but just had to do this and can confirm Georg’s method works. I figured I would say so here for anyone else who encounters this in the future. Being able to save the step would be a nice feature addition to RMX Tools (as would a visualizer to bring it to feature parity with ScaleFast for RoboFont).

Why do you need a visualizer when you can see the preview in edit view?