Tool shortcut keys interference

Can we have a way, a preference or perhaps a macro, to turn off tool shortcuts? They are a real annoyance when I’m trying to do kerning and enter a character which is a shortcut key that changes to that tool instead of entering the character. I know how to work around the problem but it is extra keystrokes.

The first time I requested this was in 2014. I’m sure I’m not the only user who finds the behavior annoying. I don’t use the shortcut keys at all so they are just in my way.

How do you do your kerning. If you do it with the text tool, keystrokes will not switch tools and if you use the select tool, you can’t type.

I do use the Text tool. Typing a shortcut key can change the tool; it happened to me only a few minutes ago.

I am still working on kerning for this font so will make some notes to document my experience and send those to you.

I never saw this. What keyboard layout do you use and what tool did it select?

I never experienced this either. Are you accidentally triggering esc?

FWIW you can set the tool shortcuts to some esoteric key like the German Sharp S or something else that is not present on your keyboard. Changing tool shortcuts is documented in the handbook (at the end), and there is a script in my repo.