Tools: FontForge transition

A few tools I have been missing in attempting a transition from FontForge. I was wondering
if anyone knew how to:

-Slice a curve or form. For example if you have an ‘o’ and you would like to cut it and modify the form into a ‘c’. In FontForge when you remove anchors on a curve it breaks; in Glyphs it completes the curve without the anchor. Usually this is wonderful, but in this case it is a problem.

-Convert an anchor that had no handles (control points) when you initially drew it to one that has. In Adobe Illustrator there is a ‘direct selection tool’ that allows you to do this.

-Add guides (or background elements) that are visible when editing all glyphs; currently I have only been able to add guides that are visible on a specific glyph.

A few aspects I like very much:
-Ability to edit glyph shapes in context of other glyphs.

-Sidebearing, width, kerning being editable contextually.

-Native Mac OS integration with a reliable undo feature.

Thank you for building this application. I’m enjoying it very much.

Slice Curves:
With the draw tool you can insert some points on the curve. In case of the “o” to “c” conversion one on the upper left curves and the lower left curves. Then you select the both points on the top and select “Reconnect Nodes” from the context menu.

There will be global and local guidelines in the next version.

I’m pleased that you like it. Thanks for your comments.