Trace Background

Hi Glyphs Users and Creators
I am searching for a good solution to vectorize handwritten characters. I just tested the trace plugin for Glyphs app and compared it with the auto trace in Illustrator CS6 and Vector magic. The result was, that vectormagic and illustrator were much more detailed, and have more settings. The result in Illustrator was in my case better than the trace tool from Glyphs. I added an image, that shows the difference. The left image is auto traced in illustrator and the right one in Glyphs. [imgs=]autotrace compare illustrator/glyphs[/imgs]
Since I will vectorize hundreds of images, I would like to know if anyone is experienced in this area? What is the best workflow to trace hand drawn characters, without loosing too much details.
Will there be an update soon on the trace tool in glyphs?


Whatever suits you best. YMMV. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. You can tune the Trace Plugin to have more detail too. If you choose to work with Illustrator, take a look at the Illustrator tutorial on this website for some handy tips for getting outlines safely from A to B.