Tracking Slider for testing spacing - feature request

Proposing the feature of a “Tracking Slider” as a means for testing spacing/kerning within the editor.

Often times, to double-check kerning and spacing I will reduce tracking at various intervals (-10, -20, -50 etc.) in InDesign to see where letters begin to crash into one another. If there was an “adjust global spacing” slider that could temporarily be activated in the editor to condense the spacing for all glyphs by and an adjustable number of units when spacing I think it could be a helpful and intuitive tool that provides quicker feedback.

If there’s another method/technique someone would recommend when testing spacing I’m all ears!

Thanks for the consideration.

There’s the tried and true method of establishing your spacing in the beginning using HHOHOOO nnonooo 000. Most spacing uses those values, few exceptions. This method has been in use for at least 40 years. Using it will save you a huge amount of time. Glyphs has a tutorial explaining that technique.

Hey @George_Thomas thanks for the suggestion! I’m very familiar with some of the traditional spacing methods which have worked excellently.

Maybe my proposal wasn’t phrased as clearly as it could have been - I’m thinking of a tool (imagine a slider integrated as part of the editor UI) that allows you to add or remove spacing between all glyphs dynamically JUST to see how your spacing holds up when text is set as negative tracking values. It wouldn’t alter any of the actual spacing metrics, but would be a faster tool for proofing spacing compared to exporting then checking in other programs.

Hopefully that makes sense - the main benefit would just be faster and more intuitive feedback for efficiency sake.

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