Trademark and Copyright

Hi guys,

Is there any reason that the Copyright (in Glyphs) information are written in Notice in the CFF table (otf) and that the trademark custom parameter (in Glyphs) is not written at all in the CFF table?

Shouldn’t the Trademark be in Notice and Copyright in Copyright?

Anything on that?

You mean the top dictionary in the CFF table? The parameters are for writing in the name table. Not sure makeotf can write into the CFF top dict at all.

And the description of ‘Notice’ used to officially be ‘Trademark or copyright notice’. But it has been removed from the Adobe Tech Note about 20 years ago. Which makes me wonder how relevant data duplication in the CFF top dict still is. What do you need it for?


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Yes, the CFF top dict. How is the table written on export of otf?

I would rather have the Trademark (added with custom parameter in font) where the Notice is, and the copyright appearing in the Copyright section.

I would do it with OTMaster.

But then again, what for? To my knowledge, only the name table info is read out by third party tools. Or what do you need it for?

I was just wondering about the consistency of the values of the table and the way they are written. No specific use example.