Transfer Glyphs License

How would I go about transferring my Glyphs license to another computer? I’ve recently got a new computer and would like to use Glyphs on it instead of my old one.

Just double click the license file on that other computer.

I just got a new computer. I am trying to transfer my license by double-clicking on it, but I get an error message (see image)

This not an error message. This is the message that appears when the app is not registered. All you have to do is open your license file in the application, and then restart the application once more.

What is this file called? What folder is it in?

You downloaded the .glyphs2license file after purchase. In case you missed the download window (2 weeks after purchase, I think), please send me a DM, and I’ll forward you to bookkeeping. They can resend your license.


How to go about transferring the license from one person to another, My friend has bought 1 license and he’s not using the software anymore, I want to buy it from him so it’s completely registered to me, and he will completely uninstall it,

Please advise

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As long as you stick to the agreement, especially paragraph 2.4 in the EULA:

Hi there, I need the license file resent to me as well - I’m leaving the agency I work at now and I’d like to transfer it to another person - is that possible?

The EULA permits this:

The customer is entitled to permanently transfer the acquired copy of the contract software to a third party on condition that it also hands over the license certificate and documentation. In this case it shall completely desist from all use of the program, remove all installed copies of the program from its computers and delete or hand over to the vendor all copies stored on other data carriers unless there is a statutory obligation for it to keep them for a specific period.

You need to hand over the .glyphs2license file you got when you purchased Glyphs, and delete Glyphs from your computer.

Got a new computer and in need of my license file. Couldn’t find it on the old computer

Please send a email to office at this domain.