Transfer hints from one font file to another


I wonder if its possible somehow to transfer the hints from one font I’m working on to another. I have two identical stem width fonts (one of them is just rounded).

I wouldn’t have this problem if I first made the hints and then the rounded font but it’s not the case. So is there any way I can transfer hints from one file to another?

  1. Geekcool solution: You could use a filter parameter to round the hinted font at export time. Search for “RoundCorner” in the handbook or in the blog.

  2. Convenient solution: Did you consider autohinting?

  3. Script solution: If you know Python, you could do it via a script. Maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days.

From Twitter:
@glyphsapp the auto hinter is not that bad, but how you handle letters like double story “g” which needs manual hint (in my case)?

If it is only the g (and the eight) then you can redo them manually. If you use autohinting, manual hints will be exported.