Transfer plugins from 2 to 3


Is there a way to transfer plugins that I was using in Glyphs 2 to the new Glyphs 3? For example Variable Font Preview and Speedpunk?

I haven’t been able to find any existing documentation on this, can you link me to info if it’s already been covered?


You should not copy them over but install them from the Plugin Manager.

Thanks Georg

I’ve been frantically trying to bring across Variable Font Preview, just heard from Mark Frömberg that he’s working on the update for Glyphs 3 and it should be in the plugin manager soon.

BTW in G3 the live stroke width feature is amazing! Is it possible to interpolate between live stroke widths and export as GX?

Thanks again

I haven’t tried it in some time. Please try and report your findings.

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Hey Georg, I just made a quick example between a regular and bold live stroke weight, exported a GX and dragged into dinamo font gauntlet AND IT WORKS!!! Amazing!