Transform buggy

In the current beta 1.4.3 (584) the Transformation filter is buggy. In an editing window when I click on the Transform tab, most or all of the selected glyphs disappear. (All the settings are zeroed out.) It looks like what is happening is all of the nodes are collapsed down into one point and the advance width is also turned to zero.

Make sure the Scale value is not 0%

Ah, of course that was it. I wanted 100 there, not 0, to be no change. Thanks!

I think it’s partly a UI problem, as the text fields are often blank (which implies irrelevance) though they do contain values internally. It should always show the values.

This is a very strange bug with the UI that I can’t seem to fix. I’l try again. Can everyone who sees the problem of empty field in dialogs make a screenshot and send it to me?

here’s one little related:

make a new font file
go to font info
type something into »Designer« (or »Designer URL«, or another field)
remove it again (as you would if you decided to not have anything in there yet)
try to escape that text field (tab key)

–> you will get the message that the field may not be empty. It looks to me like you programmed it that way?! But it is not convenient. First of all you cannot escape anymore without filling the fields now, second, I have tons of font files that prove that the fields can be indeed empty (if you just didn’t touch them before. For designing you don’t need many of the Font Info things initially.

Is that a bug? Is that on purpose? I’d suggest to make it react more liberal.

Georg Seifert
The fields always appear empty on the first run. Afterwords it seems to show the values.