Transform Origins Reset 🐞 Bug

Origin (31.7 KB)

I wondered why my transform origin always resets to Bottom Left (where I almost never want it). Now I found the/a cause. Please see the video.

  • Select a shape, have the origin in the center
  • Double click the width value to edit (with cursors up and down)
  • hit space bar (because I want to see the shape filled black(!))
  • now I can hit the cursor once more and the edit field will escape
  • the transform origin resets.

And, sometimes the both transformation origin matrixes (the one in the info box and the one in the palette) were connected some time ago. I think. Now they mostly are independent from each other. But not everytime. Sometimes if you change one, the other one follow. Which is the desired behaviour. Can you please fix that? It’s so confusing and puts the user in an endless chain of undoing steps :slight_smile:

I can’t reproduce it.

Ohooo. Weird :slight_smile:

Still happens to me really often, that the origin is reset to Bottom Left corner in the grey info box.

I had a look and think I improved it a bit.

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Thank you!