Transformation across masters

Hello, is any way to slant (or do any transformation) all the masters together?

A script that iterates the masters should be able to handle it easily.

Transform from the docu and an a loop on top.

You can switch through masters with Cmd-1,2,3…, and reapply the last filter with Cmd-R. Is that too long?

Not too long, just x time longer LOL

But you actually see the result of each transform.

Come on Ale, unless you have 100 masters, …

well, 32 masters for 1000 glyphs is potentially a lot of double transformations.
Can I insert/remove a point in all masters simultaneously?

There are some operations where I can see the advantages of running them on all masters at once. Adding points to all masters sounds a bit scary. It could calculate the position in the other masters but would that be what you what? Isn’t this more work to clean this up?

if you add extremes on italics all together you get a fast preview of the interpolation, I think its not a bad idea. Of course you need to, maybe, fix.