Transformation - Kerning Issues

I am trying to reduce the size of my glyphs by 50%. I don’t know how, but I ended up making them too large and am running into some line spacing issues.

When I use the transformation tool to reduce the size of each glyph by 50%, then my kerning (used sparingly) is somehow off.

I’m probably being dense. What is the cause of this? Thanks in advance!

If your whole font is too large, set the UPM to whatever makes more sense, e.g. 1200 (if your drawings are 20% to large), then in your instance, add a custom parameter Scale to UPM 1000. Then, export. That will also scale your kerning.

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Ahhh! It works.

You’re a rockstar. Saved me so much headache. Thanks so much!

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Thanks! this made my day… I was having same trouble as @angie

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