Transformation panel

Hi, I have a bug with the transformation panel.
You can see it in the screen record, it’s easier in that way to explain the issue.
Thanks in advance.
Feb-23-2022 15-19-38

What happens if you set the transformation origin in the palette (located above the scale button) to center:


Oh thank you! I didn’t see that it wasn’t selected.

The other transformation origins should work, too. It looks like in the GIF that you posted, a transformation origin relative to the x-hight is selected.

This option only works if there is an x-height metric for the glyph. For Arabic glyphs, such a metric is not always present. But the dialog is confusing, we will improve that.

You can learn more about the transformation origin in section 5.4.1, Transformation Origin, on page 63 of the Glyphs Handbook:

All right, thank you very much, I will take a look.