Transformations bug

When I try to use the Cursify transformation, I lose horizontal dimensions. See screenshot (before, applying the transformation, and after).

glyphs transformation bug

what version do you have?


My copy of Glyphs is from the App Store. I have tried to trash the application and preferences and any related files in order to do a clean installation, but every time I reinstall my preferences seem to have been kept. The RMX filters even show up. I did Show Package Contents for the application and didn’t see the RMX filters in the Plugins folder. They also don’t show up when I do a search on the computer.

Is there another folder where these are stored? Where should I look to delete all old Glyphs files and preferences?

The deinstallation should not help in this case. If you do it nevertheless, trash the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs

I think I know that the problem is. Can you select all paths, move them one unit to the left and back to the right and then apply the filter?

That didn’t work. I looked more closely, and it seems as though when I apply the transformation, all my nodes collapse to zero.

I removed (didn’t trash) ~/Library/Containers/com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs and lost my preferences, but the application seems stable now.

When applying the transformations (e.g… slant or cursify), Components are ignored. I suppose I know why this is in general. But what do you propose how to deal with that. It is often a PITA to repair messed up Glyphs that either use only components or got paths and components.

Can you send me a sample glyph to try it?

Did you change something very recently? I cannot reproduce it anymore now. I spent hours repositioning components after cursifying a glyphs file during the last weeks.
Now all components follow nicely transformation of the paths (given that the component-basy-glyphs themselves are not selected) :confused:

That what one reason I developed the corner components, because they follow the nodes.