Transformations Custom Parameter Preview

I’m using a Transformations Custom Parameter to apply a slant to make a quick oblique to a regular face I’ve drawn. For whatever reason the Instances pane in the font info window appear to show a more drastic value than what is actually applied to the face in the preview. See a visual here for what I mean. Any idea what might be causing this or how I can resolve it? It’s only that preview area where it’s not looking right so no big deal really but was wondering if I’m configuring something incorrectly.

What version of Glyphs do you have?

I have a similar problem but on export: Slant filter on export

Are the glyphs in your preview composites of other glyphs?

I’m on Version 2.4.4 (1075)

I just improved this a lot.

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2.4.4 (1075)
Transformation isn’t consistent between Font Info screen and instance preview on bottom.
Export applies transformation correctly to idot and j, but preview doesn’t show them properly skewed.

That is fixed in the latest beta version.

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