Transformations Custom Parameters weird behavior

I’m porting a tool to G3 to have selections of glyphs match the same width inside groups of instances at export.

Completely random example:
from ExtraLight to Light, glyphs selection = 500
from Regular to Bold, glyphs selection = 550
from ExtraBold to Black, glyphs selection = 600

I used to do this by adding Filter custom parameters to the appropriate instances with the script calculating the necessary values to have all the specified glyphs match the same width between grouped instances.

I have really weird results applying this in G3, basically the output is wrong and doesnt match the custom parameters.

After trying to set up really basic parameters manually to try and isolate the issue, for example:
I realized some other glyphs were affected as well, glyphs that were in parameters during previous exports, but not present in the instances anymore.

Is it possible that Glyphs is caching some stuff when exporting, and that could cause weird behaviors?

I unfortunately cant put the tool here, but Georg or Rainer if you need I can definitely send it privately, although the issue doesnt seem to actually lie there.

Confirmed, after updating the scope of a Transformations filter (the include:... part), Glyphs seems to keep applying the parameter to previous glyphs selections. When multiple Transformations filters are present for an instance (which I need because I apply different ratios of a transformation to different selections of glyphs), Glyphs add them up to all previous glyphs as well.

The incude: part is broken right now. I’ll upload a new version in a few days.