»Transformations« filter syncs transformation origin incorrectly

I noticed an odd behaviour of the »Transformations« filter:

For the »Origin» dropdown, the filter rightly takes the last selection one made in the »Transformations« panel (and syncs any changes back to that panel). However, some values are apparently mis-assigned.

  • filter and panel »cap height« are correct
  • filter and panel »1/2 cap height« are correct
  • filter »x-height« syncs to panel »baseline«
  • filter »1/2 x-height« syncs to panel »x-height«
  • filter »baseline« syncs to panel »1/2 x-height«

On the positive side, the filter applies transformations with the origin specified in the dropdown, the panel correctly uses the origin specified in the little diagram. This might also be the reason why the mistake was not discovered before.

By the way, this is not a recently introduced behaviour. I discovered it a while ago, just forgot to mention it.

That syncing was not intentional. As you discovered, those values do not match. I fixed it.