Transformations in Custom Parameters not carried through to generated instances

I’m trying to use the following filter in the Instances > Custom Parameters to generate new instances with different italic angles: Transformations; ScaleX:92; Slant:4; Origin:4; SlantCorrection:1

According to the Glyph’s Help, The description of the Filter custom parameter is ‘Triggers Glyphs filters. Currently, only the Offset Curve, Remove Overlap and Round Corners filters are supported.’

Do I correctly understand this to mean that the Slant and SlantCorrection options don’t do anything?

What’s more, the applied filter looks ok in the instant preview, but isn’t carried into either generated instances or exported fonts.

All options that are copied by the transform filter > “Copy Custom Parameter” are supported.

How do you verify this? This might be a font cache problem. Read this please:

The Handbook says that most Filter dialogs have a gear menu, and this is necessary for ‘Copy Custom Parameter’. Where is this?

I verify this by either exporting a font or generating an instance, opening it up and comparing the slant angle to the masters. Furthermore, changing Slant to noticeable values doesn’t carry through to either instances or fonts.

Where? In Glyphs?

Oops, didn’t specify. Yes, in Glyphs.

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

ok, sent. Thanks for your help.