Translation of selected glyphs ignores 1st glyph

I draw the number glyphs for Numerator figures.> I copy all 10 glyphs and then pastes special as components into Denominator glyphs fields.> I select the 10 newly pasted glyphs and in “Transformations” shift them down the correct number of units for denominator position. > Only the last nine actually shift. The first one is left unchanged? > I repeat with just the one that failed to move and it still does not move down. > Using the arrow down key on the failed glyph I move it down to the desired position with no problem?

Is that glyphs a component?

? I assume so? When I go to “Paste Special” and choose “as component” What else could it be?

Can you send me the file?

I just emailed it to you.

The font started out in FLS5, was opened in FLS7.2 and exported to Glyphs. I have since edited it in Glyphs 3, that file I have sent you.

I fixed it. Thanks for the file.

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Thanks, Georg!
So is that in today’s current cutting edge?

no, will be in the next update.

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