Transparency settings

Hello :slight_smile:

Is there a way to alter the transparency setting (alpha) of:

  • colour of paths in the background when working on the foreground
  • background colour when working on paths in the background
  • cell colour in the main tab (especially light green, light grey, yellow)
  • fallback glyphs in the main tab glyph cells when no paths are present
  • fit curve boxes in the right pane

On my external display these are not visible. I don’t want to change the calibration of the display as it’s fine for everything else, and I use it also with other computers.

It is not the monitor’s hardware settings, but I have a suspicion that either:

  • your Mac’s System Preferences > Displays > Color settings are somewhat flawed for the external display,
  • or, more likely, that System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Display contrast is not in the ‘normal’ position.

Thanks Rainer, I’ve looked at both of those. The ‘color’ settings allow me to adjust the white balance of the external display but not the brightness. The ‘display contrast’ setting is ‘normal’.

You can calibrate the display in the color settings. Click the “Calibrate…” button with the option key pressed. Then there should be a “Expert mode” checkbox.

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