Transparent overlap error

I have an error when exporting a variable font.
In addition to problems discussed in previous threads regarding this error it seems that this error also occurs when there are different designs in upright and italic.
I am working on an oldstyle face with classic italic letterforms where especially lower case glyphs differ from their upright compagnons. In Font Info the italic axis is set to “Hidden”. The italics have the value 1, uprights are 0. Is there anything else I have to do to have the vf exported successfully?
Glyphs 3226

Can you show some of the shapes?

For example those letters:

Those glyphs are simply not compatible? The top is a corner component in the upright and a normal path in the italic. Have you set the “Enforce Compatibly” parameter?

“Enforce Compatibility” is set and unchecked.
Otf export is working fine.
I understand that italics don’t need to have the same outlines when italic axis is hidden and the axis values are 0/1 … is that wrong?

If you like to export a variable font, you shouldn’t do that. That parameter can be used when you have different styles (like upright and italic) in one file and you only have static instances for each style but not between them.

That was my intention: No sliding alongside the italic axis, only optical size and weight offer instances between the extremes.
I just wanted to have upright and italic masters in one file for a more effective design process.
What’ s the recommended way to work with oldstyle families for otf and vf export?

Then you need two variable fonts. You can try to add another Variable font setting and call it “Italic”. Then in both Variable font settings, you add a “Remove Master” parameter an in each you add the masters for the other style.

Thanks for that advise, I’m almost there … Now there’s a lot of stuff to clean and make compatible though, then I will see if I’m able to step through this.
“Remove Master” isn’t a default parameter, is it? Shall I just type the parameter name and add comma-separated values?

Georg means Disable Masters. Add the names of the masters you want to remove, one per line.

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Thank you!