Trial version help

Could I get a 30 day trial version?
It says I can’t get trial version anymore!
I have not used trial version before

Can you post the exact error message?
In the worst case, try in a different user or on a different machine.

I could have opened glyphsapp once in the past few years back.
I have not used the trial period.
I need to try Glyphs before I decide on upgrading to Fontlab VI from older version.
I am hearing good hearing about Glyphs.
I want to ty it before invest.

If you email Glyphs support they should be able to help you find a solution. I was in a similar situation last year. I had upgraded to Fontlab VI but found it to be nothing like Fontlab Studio 5. When I looked for video instructions, I found very little. I found much more about Glyphs. I decided if I was going to learn a brand new app with a new workflow, I might as well try Glyphs. I found courses and YouTube videos about it, and I could see the forum was very active. I got Glyphs Mini first. It didn’t have enough OpenType capability so I upgraded to Glyphs. I’m very happy with it. I exported all my .vfb files to .glyphs and haven’t looked back.

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is there an email for support?
I can’t find on their support page

please send an email to office at glyphsapp dot com.