Trouble installing temporary student license

One of my students has trouble installing the temporary student license we purchased for Glyphs 3. She writes:

Bei mir funktioniert die Lizenz leider nicht. Die sei angeblich veraltet, wird angezeigt. Ich habe den Mac neugestartet, die Lizenz aus verschiedenen Ordnern benutzt und Glyphs 3 mehrmals neuinstalliert, wie es auf der Webseite empfohlen wird… leider ohne Erfolg.

System: MacOs Big Sur, Version 11.2.3, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13 Zoll, Early 2015)
Fehlermeldung Glyphs 3 Lizenz

Is this a known issue? Can you help? A colleague of mine tested the same temporary license and at his place everything seemed to work fine.

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Installing a valid temporary license (typical for classes or workshops) may yield the following error message:

Register Glyphs 3
The license expired.
Please obtain a new license.
Glyphs will run in Demo Mode.

…even though the date on the license has not been passed yet.

This is a rare issue, and I am sad to say we have not been able to pin it down yet. Somehow the date comparison fails under certain, rare, circumstances. So far, all I can say is:

  • only Macs with Big Sur are affected,
  • it always works in a separate user (create a new one in System Preferences > Users),
  • at least once, removing system maintenance utilities (antivirus software, ‘cleaners’, monitoring tools) seems to have been related.

Potentially related:

We have received one report about this issue appearing in Monterey as well.

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…and I can now confirm that, at least in one instance, it has occurred on macOS 10.15 Catalina as well.

Hi. unfortunately separate user didn’t even work for me.

We found the issue. It appears to be connected to non-English localizations of the macOS date. If you still experience the issue:

  • try setting the date localization to U.S. English
  • upgrade to the latest beta (build 3180 or later)