Trouble to use alternate layer in G3

I want to use an alternative layer, but I’m having trouble using it, as shown below:

I want to use an alternate layer from medium to ultrabold, but I’m having trouble finding the right number to fill in the tab above, because when I enter the number [200 <wg <506] when re-interpolated, the interpolation result is always wrong. can anyone help me what number should I enter?

Thankl you

You need to put in 506 in the min field for both alternate layers. And you can’t use re-interplate in such a setup.

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Oh, wow, it’s working fine now. By the way, can this alternate layer now be used for 2 axes? and can the “reverse bracket layer” on G2 work on G3?

The alternate layers can work with more than one axis now.

The reverse bracket layer works a bit different now. You need to make the master and there extra layer an Alternate and you add the rule to the master and leave the rules in the extra layer empty.

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Then what if you use more than one axis? can you give an example too? Thanks

just add whatever rule you like in the popup. You can leave some axes empty if the shouldn’t influence.