Troubles with including .fea files

Hey, just looking for a little more clarity around how includes work when referencing external .fea files. I know there’s a brief mention of this feature in the release blog post for 2.4.2 (, which has been handy. Couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to include two different files one after the other, in the one feature (to logically separate information, and for organisational purposes)? I.e. in calt:

When I try this, I get a MakeOTF error displaying a filepath. Both files are in the same folder as the Glyphs file.

  1. From what I understand (according to the Microsoft OT spec), it should be possible to include a .fea file from inside a .fea file. When I try this (as an alternative to the above), I get a MakeOTF error telling me the feature file was “not found” (again, everything in the root directory, named correctly etc).

Thanks for any insight! And, thank you for introducing the ability to reference external files natively. Very handy :clap:

Technically, whatever you write in File Info > Features goes into a .fea file. Where else would you place an include statement?

Which version are you running? Did you try in the latest beta?

The .fea file format is from Adobe, it has nothing to do with MicroSoft.

Yes, I understand this all ultimately gets placed into one .fea file. I am currently using the Glyphs GUI (File Info > Features) to manage feature blocks and some handy Glyphs-generated classes (AllLetters and All). Then I am using the include statement to reference external files within features with more long-form code, as I prefer doing this in my code editor.

I don’t understand the question, sorry.

I’m running the latest stable version (2.4.4) (no desire/need at this point to use a beta). I’m more curious about what Glyphs accepts as correct use of the include statement. Is using two include statements in one feature block supported?

My mistake, I meant Adobe—thanks!

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? And if that doesn’t work either, could you send me the .glyphs file and the .fea files?

There was a problem with include() in the pre-2.5 versions. Should be fixed in the recent betas.

Thanks for the files. I found the problem and fixed it.