True type Autohint command for multiple glyphs?

I want to manually hint a multiple-master typeface, and just read the that section an the Handbook. It seems amazing.

The autohint command is really handy for placing most of the basic instructions. Is there a way to apply it to multiple glyphs at once?

With a script.

Does a script like that exist already?

I’m working on a solution but it will take some time.

Cool :smiley:

Not sure if it exists. You can type it in the macro window. Lookup the ttautohint on, then loop through selected layers.

Don’t want to push it, but copying and pasting TT instructions would be just perfect.

Tricky. That would require the same node order.

Yes true, what I meant was to copy/past between the same letter in different masters, that are already compatible. I see that it may be too specific, more the job for a script.

You don’t need to hint all masters, just pick one and they will be used for all.

Really? do I need to do anything for the instructions of one master to be used in all of them? I tried hinting only one master, and it didn’t apply to the others.

Ok got it now:

“In Multiple Master setups, only instructions in the first master are considered, and, assuming the masters are compatible, automatically applied to all interpolated instances.”


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I’m hinting a typeface with 2 axis, hinting only the first master. But I’m having A very strange problem. Now almost overtime I generate the TTF’s Glyphs friezes and I have to force it to quit. Only after I erase All the files in the temp folder Glyphs is able to generates the fonts.

I think it friezes after I make a change on a hinting instructions. The first time this happened was hen I reversed a stem hint, after that it stared happening more and more often.

Could you send me the .glyphs file?