TrueType autohinting in Glyphs


Hello. When I was speaking to Georg at Typographics, he said that there was a way to autohint all glyphs by opening the TT hinting mode then selecting all. If I open a glyph, go to TT hinting mode, and then flip back to font view so I can select all, Autohint in the context menu appears but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Thoughts? Thanks.



There was a small issue and I fixed that. And I added support for x-hints. Those are added when you have x-stems. Will update soon.


Great, thanks!


Hey Georg, how’s this coming? :grin:


The mentioned changes may be in the latest cutting edge beta release 2.5.2 (1156). Per the change log:
Fix TrueType autohinting from font view and also add x-direction hints (when there are stems for that direction)


Cool, thanks Jeff!