TrueType hinting: Could selecting hint points omit handles (BCPs)?

In TrueType hinting mode, it is possible to select handles. (leaving them out with Alt-key is not possible in this mode). And also, it is possible to hint these Handles.
Does this make sense anyway?

Anyway, I think hinting would be more comfortable (simply dragging the mouse over two or more points rather than selecting every single point ), if I have the possibility to leave the handles out in selection…

That are three question in one.

What is in the image doesn’t make any sense.

Should be. At least it works form me.

To be honest, I did not believe, that it makes sense to hint a handle. And the nonsense in the image should explain that anyhow. Stupid. I know. Sorry.

So, if hinting a handle does not make sense, wouldn’t it be convenient, if handles could not be selected in hinting mode?

And the alt-key does not work here 3.1.2 (3151)

Still the same in 3202?

Sometimes it make sense to hint the handles. Just not in the situation shown in the screenshot. And not all of them.