TrueType Hinting in Variable Fonts Glyphs 3.0.3

The fonts, that export fine as static TTF fonts, and also when exported as Variable-Fonts from Glyphs 2.6.4. But they are show wrong stems when exported from Glyphs 3.0.3 (3091)

The screenshot shows: Regular exported from 2.6.4, Italics exported from 3.0.3
(yes I did check the Regular too, the problem is not in the font-file but the Glyphs version)

But the GX export from Glyphs 2.6.4 does not look great either in Illustrator CC

I can confirm. The cvar table seems broken.

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@jkutilek is there a version of Glyphs that is not broken? Or are you hinting in VTT and producing externally with fontmake?

It has been broken since a couple of versions, I didn’t exactly notice when. At least since 3089.

When I start with Glyphs sources, I also use the Glyphs hinting and export.

If you feel brave, you can manually correct the cvar table with ttx. It will look something like this:

    <version major="1" minor="0"/>
      <coord axis="wght" min="0.0" value="0.0" max="1.0"/>
      <coord axis="ital" min="0.0" value="0.0" max="1.0"/>
      <delta cvt="0" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="1" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="2" value="640"/>
      <delta cvt="3" value="654"/>
      <delta cvt="4" value="576"/>
      <delta cvt="5" value="592"/>
      <delta cvt="6" value="448"/>
      <delta cvt="7" value="462"/>
      <delta cvt="8" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="9" value="-20"/>
      <delta cvt="10" value="-192"/>
      <delta cvt="11" value="-206"/>
      <delta cvt="12" value="320"/>
      <delta cvt="13" value="300"/>
      <delta cvt="14" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="15" value="64"/>
      <delta cvt="16" value="72"/>
      <delta cvt="17" value="64"/>
      <delta cvt="18" value="0"/>
      <coord axis="wght" value="1.0"/>
      <coord axis="ital" min="0.0" value="0.0" max="1.0"/>
      <delta cvt="0" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="1" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="2" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="3" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="4" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="5" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="6" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="7" value="3"/>
      <delta cvt="8" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="9" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="10" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="11" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="12" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="13" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="14" value="0"/>
      <delta cvt="15" value="16"/>
      <delta cvt="16" value="40"/>
      <delta cvt="17" value="16"/>
      <delta cvt="18" value="0"/>
  <!-- ... more tuples follow, based on the amount of your masters -->

The first “tuple” element is wrong, it must be deleted including its deltas. Then recompile the font with ttx …

Thanks, one case, there is only one tuple, since there is only a widths axis.
Still I’m getting the wrong CVT stem-glitches in Widows 10.
Windows 7 is fine.

I fixed it (had fixed this back then, but in the future branch only).

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I’ll give it a try tonight.
If this is fixed, this will be a game-changer!

It is not out yet. I’ll push a new update soon. Hopefully later today.

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Any news on the new beta? I has been 10 day.

I was very busy. I didn’t forget you.


have noticed same problem in 3.0.5 (3124) yesterday
(manuall TT hinting inclusive, by Koeberlin )

Thanks @jakob_runge, finally someone else that seems to care about TT Hinting in Variable Fonts produced with Glyphs. (Except me and @jkutilek)
Maybe that will motivate @GeorgSeifert to finally push the fixed beta.

any progress on this @GeorgSeifert?
have a client winting for the Var-fonts, and they have been smart enough to check the hinting relevant rendering.

downer is that without any manuell TT hints it works better

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I had fixed that a couple of days ago and preparing a new version right now.


I can confirm that the cavr issue is fixed :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thanks @GeorgSeifert

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