TrueType Hinting to horizontally center glyph

I’m finally getting serious about TrueType hinting in Glyphs.

Unfortunately I can’t center the glyphs horizontally.
(The fonts will be widely used, including non-high-res-screens)

In Glyphs 2 (2.6.4 / 2.6.5), the interpolation gets wired wrong, no matter in what order I select the points.
If I try to rewire the interpolation, the endings won’t attach to the anchors.


In Glyphs 3 (3.0.2 / 3.0.3), I’m not even able to select the left and right anchors.

Is this fixable, or do we have to live without horizontal hinting?

I’ll have a look at the interpolation. But you don’t need and horizontal instructions in the A. There are no stems to align to any grid. And even if there where, horizontal hints often make it worse as they mess with the rhythm.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert for looking into this.
Interesting, my information was, that this is supposed to be better for the rhythm under ClearType hinting. But this might be outdated information.

Looking at this little test, the difference can probably be neglected:

Whatsoever, being able to attach a instruction to an anchor can sometimes be helpful.
(But this is definitely not urgent)

I fixed adding interpolations.

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