TrueType Intructing Tool

Hi, I’m trying to evaluate the TT Instructing Tool but not getting very far. The information in the Handbook 2.3 does not seem very complete, especially for delta exceptions.

Is there a location where this info is squirrelled away?


A tutorial is in the works. Will DM you the link.

Thank you but rather than a tutorial is there just a reference of the functions somewhere?

The functions are described both in the handbook and partially already in the tutorial, which is still in the works.

A question about Delta Exceptions. Is it possible to control the behaviour of a Delta exceptions as either pre, post or inline of the applied hints?

No. Deltas are always applied at the end.

Are you sure? I must admit I haven’t hinting in Glyphs to the level where deltas are required, but in FontLab 5 I always used “middle” deltas which are applied inline. I think post-IUP deltas are mostly useful in old strict b/w hinting.

I meant the deltas in Glyphs. There was something that ClearType only applies some of the deltas but I don’t remember right now.

I’ve seen both Inline and Post behaviours in Glyphs. It looks like any touched point can only have Inline Deltas while untouched will have Post Deltas, which is logical I guess.