TTF Hinting preview

Here is my initial feedback on the TTF hinted outline preview added in 739/740.
• I’d like to be able to use a modifier key and the up/down arrows as hotkeys for changing size.
• Sizes are listed in “pts”, that should probably be “px” (pixels)
• I’d like a View option to show/hide paths because complex paths can obscure the preview path. With a shortcut.
• Performance is terrible when the preview runs or when I switch sizes

FYI — Every time I try to access the truetype inspector via the toolbar Glyphs crashes. I sent a error report in.

Can the spacebar preview display the hinted form of the glyph that I see in red when I’m in TT hinting mode? I think it’s safe to assume people in hinting mode don’t need to view the outline as it will print.


Also, why not do something different with the Preview window (at the bottom of the screen) when in hinting mode? A waterfall of size previews (9px, 10px, 11px, 12px, etc.) would be convenient. I don’t mean to display the previews at actual size, but to display previews like those in the full-size hinted outline preview.


Something is in the works. But it still takes a little time.

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I was wondering… is it working?
I remember you showed us in the workshop that you had a pixel grid view…

The pixel grid with the distorted outline is available already. Some updates in the latest betas, so you may want to switch to cutting edge.

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Hi, where can I find pixel preview? Cant really find that with 2.3 manual hinting options (grayscale…)

Switch to the TrueType tool?