Ttfautohint: no increase xHeight flag


We kinda covered this in Please upgrade ttfautohint to v1.5

In the plain version of ttfautohint. We have an option, ‘No xHeight Increase’

In Glyphsapp, I cannot see this option.


It seems to Glyphsapp UI for ttfautohint is lacking some options.

Also, thank you for your speedy answers on my previous questions. This is why I love glyphs!

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You don’t necessarily need an extra checkbox. Just set the value to zero. This is described in the documentation of ttfautohint.

Thank you.

Ok, Giving the parameter “xHeight increase Limit” a value of 0 doesn’t work.

I’m on Version 2.4.1 (948)

I get this:

If I apply the value 10:

The default value appears to be 14.

I’ll have a look.

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Hey Georg,

Very sorry to disturb you on this again.

Did you have time to look into this?

If this isn’t possible to fix, I’ll accept the result.

Kind regards and hope you had a nice xmas.

It works for me.